Marketing Communication

Marketing Communications (Marcom) are the messages and media marketers use to communicate with target markets.

Marketing Communication

Proper communication is the critical element when it comes to building and maintaining long-term relationships with your employees and your customers.

We at SLASH convert into your central communication hub within your law firm and communicate to all corresponding channels focusing on delivering results fast and efficiently. No email is left unopened, no phone call is left unanswered, and no pending publication is forgotten.

Internal Marketing Communication

There are four types of internal communication, namely:

  • Vertical
    • communication between employees in different hierarchical positions
  • Downward
    • communication from managers or leaders to employees
  • Upward
    • communication from employees to managers or leaders
  • Horizontal
    • communication between individuals in the same hierarchical positions

External Marketing Communication

External communication is the exchange of information from your law firm to the outside world engaging with multiple channels. Law firms communicate with the outside world regularly. This places the external comms department in a unique and essential role of communicating your brand to the outside world. One of the first steps of company representation to the outside world is your digital appearance in various channels, be it your website, social media presence, or as simple as your email signature. The primary goal of external comms is to communicate important messages about your law firm’s quality of work, your firm culture, and values signaling trust to your existing and potential customers. 

We at SLASH take over your external marketing communication, set up contact, maintain a continuous relationship with all relevant firm channels, and establish new ones.


External Channels

See here an example of just a few channels that we regularly communicate with:

  • Directories
  • Award Organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Embassies
  • Summer schools
  • National & International Moot Courts
  • Press & Media
  • Aggregated Content Providers
  • Legal Affiliations
  • Legal Memberships